20/20 Horsemanship

Clear Communication/Visible Results

The philosophy of 20/20 Horsemanship is that every animal and each student has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, each one needs to be worked with differently.  There is no text book approach.  This requires a unique individual with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. 

Loretta's expert guidance will effectively teach you how to reach the goals you set in a calm and relaxed manner.

Whether your interests are learning horsemanship, riding or training, Loretta will teach you how to communicate with the horse and become a Naturally Safe Horseman.

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​20/20 Horsemanship offers:

Private sessions
Semi-Private sessions
Ground work based on Naturally Safe Horsemanship principals
Lectures & Clinics
Summer Camps
Adult Only summer camp
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