Horsemanship Lessons

Loretta and Confetti at Turner Farm in Great Falls, VA.

Loretta Arey received her teaching certificate from the American Riding Instructors Association (A.R.I.A.) in June 2011.  She has been teaching at her private farm since 2007.  In November 2016  20/20 Horsemanship relocated to the lovely facilities at  Lily Pons Horse Center in Adamstown, MD.  This has enabled us to grow in the number of students we teach, to take on boarders, training projects and even host our own shows.  

​Loretta has been greatly influenced by the work of Carolyn Resnick. She has been mentored by Carolyn for several years and will continue to study with her. Carolyn's teaching has made a significant impact on Loretta's horses and her life. Learn more about The Carolyn Resnick Method here.

Loretta's students benefit from one on one teaching in a no pressure environment.  They learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become an accomplished horseman (or woman). 

Riding is just a small part of the teaching in her program.  

The student will typically spend 20-30 minutes learning about leadership, respect and communication.  This includes demonstrations and hands on experience for the student.

After grooming and tacking up, the student will get on the horse or pony.  Loretta chooses to use a riding theory based on safety and balance which give the student a safe, secure seat.​