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My name is Laurie Clark and I'm a new student of Loretta's at 20/20 Horsemanship. I signed up for 8 lessons and am almost to the end. I have learned so much but have so much more to learn. Although I had horses back in Texas I never rode english until I met Loretta.  Gemstone is my horse well not mine as in ownership but mine when I go for lessons. She's amazing and I love spending time with both her and Loretta. When I signed up for lessons I told Loretta I don't want to just come to learn to ride, I want to learn everything. I have to say my most favorite part is the ground work. Gemstone is such a beautiful horse with a beautiful manner and loves it when I bring carrots. I love going to my lessons not only because I love being around horses but I love learning about horses. And not to mention I love Gemstone and spending time with her. I feel blessed because through this I'm getting to know Gemstone but I also feel like I've acquired a good friend in Loretta.

I am a beginning adult rider and have been taking lessons with Loretta Arey at 20/20 Horsemanship since June of this year.  She is a patient and supportive teacher who shares her knowledge of horses with her students.  She stresses safety first and foremost, understanding the nature of the horse, and a balanced seat.  Her goal is for the student to increase her skill level but also how to understand, communicate, and become a partner with the horse.  I have to say that she has not only taught me well, increased my confidence level, but more importantly enriched my life and given me the opportunity to truly realize a long-held dream of mine.   J.D.

I highly recommend Loretta Arey as a horseback riding instructor. My 6 year old daughter has been taking lessons from her for one year.  Loretta is very knowledgeable about riding but also about the behavior and demeanor of horses.  Safety is very important to her and I trust her judgment without question.  Loretta is a good person. She is very understanding, fun and has a great sense of humor.  

We will continue to ride with Loretta as long as she continues to teach and accept our daughter as her student.


Hear what our clients have to say about 20/20 Horsemanship:

My children take regular horsemanship lessons from Ms. Loretta Arey at 20/20 Horsemanship in Great Falls, VA.  Every experience we have had with Loretta has been nothing short of positive.  Her heartfelt attention to her students and to the well being of the horses makes for an experience for her students that is not only effective and memorable, but that leaves the students with a deep understanding and appreciation of themselves and of their relationship with the horses they ride.  We have also been impressed with Loretta's emphasis on safety and cleanliness at her barn, and leave our children under her care for the lessons with the highest degree of confidence.LJG

 *As an adult student, Loretta's teaching style immediately enabled me to grasp the foundation of basic horsemanship.  The combination of equine groundwork and communication, coupled with the opportunity for practical application, quickly allowed me to gain a clear understanding of her intuitive approach and philosophy.*
*After only a few sessions, I have already learned a tremendous amount which has provided me what I feel is a unique insight into the world of horsemanship.  I look forward to continuing developing these skills with Loretta.*

M. Stewart

I’m an adult student of Loretta’s.  I started taking lessons from her as a complete beginner and now, a little over a year later, I’ve just been on my first trail ride.  It was a lot of fun and a real eye-opener!  I now see the wisdom of her slow and steady teaching approach.  I used every skill I learned in the ring just to ride Apollo from Loretta’s house to the trail!  It took my legs, my hands, my seat, and my eyes all working together to coax him away from the grass and onto the trail.  Once we were in the woods, I realized how important that secure seat she’s always talking about is.  Apollo was startled by deer, got his back leg tangled in a tree branch and cantered once unexpectedly, but I never felt unsafe because my legs stayed right where they were supposed to.  I feel like my first trail ride was a big accomplishment, and I’m excited to get back to the ring and learn more skills for the next one.  Thanks, Loretta!