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About the Naturally Safe Horsemanship Program
Loretta Arey received her teaching certificate from the American Riding Instructors Association (A.R.I.A.) in June 2011.  She has been teaching at her private farm since 2007.  In January 2016
20/20 Horsemanship relocated to the lovely facilities at Sugarland Farm in Poolesville, MD.  This has enabled us to grow in the number of students we teach, to take on boarders, training projects and even host our own shows.

Loretta is a horse 'whisperer' of sorts. Since her purchase of Scottie, the Irish Draught/Belgian cross, eight years ago,  she has specialized in her own unique style of the popular Natural Horsemanship training, which she calls Naturally Safe Horsemanship.

Loretta has been greatly influenced by the work of Carolyn Resnick. She has been mentored by Carolyn for several years and will continue to study with her. Carolyn's teaching has made a significant impact on Loretta's horses and her life. Learn more about The Carolyn Resnick Method here.

Schedule a demonstration and watch her work with her own horses and witness first hand what can be accomplished.

After Loretta began teaching horses and their owners, she began to see a need for general horsemanship throughout the local riding communities.  Many people ride in the DC Metro area, but in her opinion, too few actually know what it means to be a true horseman.  With this in mind, Loretta developed the Naturally Safe Horsemanship program which she teaches to those using her own well trained horses.

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To find out more about horsemanship and Loretta, please visit the 20/20 Horsemanship Blog .